11 Eco Friendly Habits That Aren’t So Eco-Friendly

Today, many products and services are marketed as Eco-friendly. Often companies wanting to provide ‘green’ options have many environmental costs that consumers are not made aware of. In today’s infographic (information from Trend in Tech) 11 Eco-friendly habits list some hidden truths about Eco-Friendly habits. Not So Friendly Eco-Habits Share this Image On Your Site <p><strong>Please […]


Get a Head Start on Fall Cleaning and Decluttering

The summer season is quickly coming to a close. Time to get things in order for the upcoming fall season. Introduced Spring 2016, this handy chart is designed to help focus your efforts on major areas that need some cleaning attention this fall. Happy Fall Cleaning & Decluttering! Don’t forget to purchase some sturdy cleaning tools […]


Food: Watch What You Eat

Food additives is defined as substances that is added to preserve flavor or enhance taste and appearance. Most of these substances , especially those in packaged items, contain additives that are generally safe. Many are hard to pronounce, have long names and is hard to understand what the substance really is. That said, there are additives that are harmful to one’s […]


Daycare Cleanliness

Everyday, many parents drop their children at daycare centers across the country. Did you know that though licensed, many adhere to only a minimum of safety and cleaning standards? Children more than adults are at a greater risk for exposure in daycare’s. Because they are still developing, exposure to chemicals can have a greater impact, […]


Virus: Zika Protection

According to the Environmental Working Group, “U.S. public health officials have issued a grim new warning – mosquitoes of the type that transmits the deadly Zika virus are present in about 30 states across the nation – not 12 as originally thought. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is projecting there will be hundreds of […]