“As long-time suppliers of McDonald’s, we’ve always been focused on excellence, exceeding customer expectations, and innovating. As a group, we are advocates for each other’s success and foster a culture of sharing best practices that help us all to excel,” said supplier Cara J. Hughes of Baldwin Richardson Foods.

The Black Owned Supplier Association aims to leverage each supplier’s strengths to elevate diverse businesses through mentorship, resulting in inspirational success, growth in revenue, long-term sustainability, generational wealth creation, advocacy, and greater employee well-being.   

The group has been meeting for 20-plus years, and at times including McDonald’s and Owners/Operators. Throughout the years, they have toured each other’s facilities and discussed challenges and successes. But now they’re looking forward to making it official. Cara credits suppliers Mike Thompson Sr., Eric Johnson, and the late Bob Beavers, as well as Owner Operators, including the late Lee Dunham and Roland Parrish, for their consistent vision and leadership. Learn more