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Schedule Regular Times for Refrigerator Deep Cleaning

It’s something we all have to do – clean the fridge. But how deeply and how often do we give it a thorough cleaning? Recently, I came across this article written by Karen B. Gibbs / Today Home outlining a great timeline on the cleaning of refrigerators. Post this handy infographic in a non-visible area […]


Hep A Facts

Hepatitis A  also called Hep A (formerly known as infectious hepatitis) is a highly contagious liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus. Hepatitis A is preventable by vaccine. It spreads from contaminated food or water, or contact with someone who is infected. Symptoms include fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and low-grade fever. The […]


National Food Safety Month

September is National Food Safety Month. Many businesses in the food industry offer awareness regarding the importance of food safety and the risks of food borne illnesses. Over the past 22 years, the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe program has produced educational material from its training programs to highlight the importance of embracing and promoting a culture […]


Griddles: Cleaning and Seasoning

With their large flat surface and because they have an ability to apply even heat across the surface of the food placed on them, commercial griddles offer many benefits for busy kitchens. To ensure that you get the most out of your griddle, it is important to clean and season them well. In today’s infographic, […]

Cleaning Chemicals and Tools for a Commercial Kitchen

In the Food service industry, many restaurants face unique challenges in keeping commercial kitchens as clean as possible. Often generating high volumes of traffic, kitchen managers face keeping the kitchen clean multiple times during the day (and evening). For most food service businesses, cleaning is generally divided into front of house and back of house. […]


What’s New? Insecticide Sale

Product Description Powerful Cessco 5-E Insecticide for use in and around food service establishments Professional strength Cessco 5-E Insecticide formula kills a broad spectrum of insects Available in cartons of 3 cans or in cases of 15 cans Aerosol insecticide formulated for use in: Restaurants, supermarkets, homes, schools, hospitals, motels, hotels, food and bottling plants, storage […]


Microfiber: Get Your Cleaning Done Effectively

When it comes to getting things cleaned, have you tried using microfiber cleaning cloths? Environmentally friendly and effective, a high quality microfiber cloth helps to eliminate germs, save you money and clean in less time. Microfiber Cleans Better Most of us have a love hate relationship when it comes to cleaning. Getting ready for your […]

Holiday Food Safety

Holiday Food Safety

The holiday season is here and that means family, fun and feasts. The guests we don’t want at the holiday table: illness-causing germs and bacteria. Holiday food safety is paramount to keeping your holiday season happy and healthy. Before you start preparing your feast, make sure to take some holiday food safety precautions. Wash your […]

Towel Sanitation and Storage

Towel Sanitation and Storage

Towels are an important part of foodservice and restaurant cleanliness. They’re used to sanitize various items from tabletops to counters to bars and chairs. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration states, “Wiping cloths for cleaning and sanitizing must be available in every work area for equipment such as meat slicers, counters, food preparation tables, […]