Choosing the ‘right tool for the job’ has always been a mantra at Century Products. And when it comes to professional grade cleaning tools, choosing the right bristle is as important as selecting the right tool that will be the most effective.

To prevent bacteria growth, a synthetic bristle is best:

  • Nylon Bristles are resilient, synthetic fibers with a high-heat tolerance. Nylon resists acid, heat, oil and most solvents. It’s used in many scrub brushes.
  • Polypropylene Bristles is a synthetic fiber known for its long life and high resistance to acid and most solvents. Offering excellent chemical resistance to acids, oils, fungus and bacteria growth, these bristles are good with abrasive resistance, shear/break strength and sustains temperatures up to 225°F. Looking for an economical, synthetic food service bristle, this is a good choice since the bristles are for all round use and extreme exposure to cleaning chemicals.
  • Polyester Bristles are excellent for chemical resistance, ultra violet light resistance and bristle bend recovery. A very good abrasion resistance bristle that offers tear/break strength. These bristles can sustain temperatures up to 350°F.
  • Polystyrene Bristles are durable, synthetic fibers that resist moisture and solvents. These bristles are good  for floor sweeps and brooms.
  • Teflon Bristles Excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance and shear/break strength, and bristle bend recovery. Very good chemical resistance and sustains temperatures up to 500°F. Best choice for high heat use.
  • Broom Bristles Flagged: split ends, decreasing stiffness and improving liquid and dust retention. Flagged bristles are good for dusting and sweeping fine particles and use on smooth surfaces. Crimped bristles are good for scrubbing as the design adds strength and liquid retention.