Earth Day

It’s Easy Being Green

Sustainable. Green. Eco-friendly. You probably hear those words a lot. Companies use the concepts to sell items, but digging through all the green terminology can be daunting. Going green doesn’t have to be difficult, confusing or costly and you don’t need to do it all at once. Even small steps will make a big impact […]

Bye Bye Germs, Hello Play Time!

Bye Bye Germs, Hello Play Time!

Kids love to play. They love those play and climbing areas at restaurants, schools and parks. But a day of play, can lead to a day of germs. You can help keep them healthy and prevent the spread of germs with a few simple cleaning steps. Start out with spot cleaning several times during the […]

restroom maintenance

Key to Customers? A Clean Restroom!

You’ve been there. You’re at a restaurant, and you desperately need to use the restroom. However, when you get there, it’s gross. The floors are dirty, there’s no toilet paper or soap and you just want to run in the opposite direction. You’re not alone. So what’s the key to customers? A clean restroom! As […]