Germs. They’re everywhere! And no matter how many times you wash your hands, germs are always around just waiting to hitch a ride on your skin. Though you can’t see them or even smell them, germs can be found on just about whatever you can think of.

What is a germ?

Not all germs are bad. Germs are microbes that come in four main types: bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Microbes live both inside and outside the human body and while some thrive in places like your gut and help with healthy digestion, others exist on your skin or other surfaces and are passed around constantly. There are many good microbes that help our bodies stay in balance and actually work to build our immune systems. But its the bad microbes that tend to cause illnesses like the flu and other sickness.

Germs in the bathroom

Clean restrooms is a big factor in getting repeat customers. But keeping restrooms clean means working to reduce the spread of germs – and that goes beyond just mopping and the occasional wipe down of bathroom fixtures.

Choosing the right paper towel and dispensers can go a long way in reducing the spread of bad microbes. It all starts with what happens after hands are washed. Touching surfaces that appear clean can leave unwanted germs on clean hands after they’ve been washed. The Century Centerpull & Mini Centerpull Towel Dispensers eliminates the need to touch the dispenser thereby the spread of germs is reduced. The design also benefits the environment by controlling how many paper towels come out at once. Another important element is how easy the dispensers are to clean. Made with high-quality polycarbonate covers that are durable and easy to clean, just spray with an approved cleaning solution, wipe them down and go.

So the next time you’re in the market for a paper towel solution that can help you cut down on the spread of those nasty microbes, take a look at Century’s Centerpull & Mini Centerpull Towel Dispensers.

Lysol: What is a Germ?