Most of us spend a good deal of time keeping our cars, offices, homes and other places where we may dwell clean. In fact, for most of us, its a weekly ritual. From an early age, many are taught this important attribute. But how did it all start? How did our ancestors keep things clean and what tools did they use to accomplish the job? While performing a little research on the subject, I ran across an interesting blog post that addressed “The Incredible History of Cleaning.” Beginning with ancient Egyptians, the post gives one a view of what it may have been like to perform cleaning tasks many, many years ago. It also provides a timeline of cleaning as it was viewed by different civilizations throughout history.

In today’s modern society, cleaning is often influenced by the technology used to create a solid cleaning tool. Very often these influences impact the way a tool is manufactured, purchased and used. Evaluating and developing solutions designed to make cleaning jobs effective and efficient have become more and more a priority in homes and businesses everywhere. Though manual cleaning tasks have been completed by many using some of the same tools used in earlier years, it is without a doubt that technology will continue to play an important role in the creation of innovative cleaning products for decades to come.