Spring is here!

Spring begins tomorrow. With all the cold weather we’ve experienced lately, the beginning of a new season is something to look forward to. Just as nature awakens itself from its winter nap, so will many business owners plan to perform ‘Spring Cleaning’ to get rid of the built up grime that wasn’t seen during the winter season.

In a restaurant, its particularly important to maintain an effective cleaning routine to comply with local and state health regulations and for the safety of employees and patrons.

According to Tork USA, below are five spring cleaning tips all restaurants should consider:


  1. Implement a deep clean – It’s a great time to clean those hard-to-reach areas, professionally clean carpets, scrub corners*, and focus on areas around windows and doors** that are exposing more light now than a few months ago. The winter slush can also do a number on wood and tile floors*** so be sure to pay extra attention to avoid long-term damage.
  1. Update daily cleaning protocol – If you are currently using the bucket/spray bottle and towel system to clean tables and surface areas, consider switching to sanitizing wet wipes*. They’re more hygienic – since they are only used once and then thrown away, they eliminate the risk of cross-contamination inherent with re-using a towel from the same bucket** with increasingly dirty water.
  1. Try a restroom re-do – Expand upon your daily bathroom cleaning regimen. Details like worn grout lines*, dusty lighting fixtures**, and over-used garbage cans*** can make even the nicest bathroom look drab, so freshen it up with fresh flowers for an added touch of luxury.
  1. Make it a team effort – Every restaurant manager knows a customer’s experience is heavily influenced by the staff, so making sure you and your staff are on the same page in regards to cleanliness is crucial. Remind your staff of the importance of maintaining high sanitation standards. Cleanliness has a lasting impression and customers will notice if a staff member doesn’t wipe the table down properly or doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.
  1. Maintain – Now that you’ve gone through all the trouble of getting things ready for summer, make sure it stays that way with a comprehensive maintenance schedule for staff to adhere to. Provide incentives such as gift cards when staff members go above and beyond to keep the momentum going.

Start soon to get your spring cleaning routine in order. With the right tools on hand, cleaning your restaurant can be a breeze!