Going to a movie is a treat, especially when the theater is showing a movie that you’ve been dying to see. But stop! Though its a great American past time, have you ever considered the type of viruses and germs you can pick up while enjoying your favorite flix? While searching the Internet, I ran across a very recent article where 3,000 people were possibly infected with Hepatitis A and the public health department in that city advised those that attended on certain dates/times to be vaccinated. To be honest, I had given some thought about cleanliness at a movie theater and how much cleaning the theaters really do when they’re closed. But when I read the Hepatitis article, I must admit I was a bit more concerned.

Really, have you ever wiped down the area where you are going to sit in to enjoy that movie? I know when I go to the grocery store, I’m always searching for those little white disinfectant wipes to wipe down the grocery cart handles before I begin my shopping, but I never once looked for those little wipes when I go to the movies.

In 1995, the movie Outbreak was released that centered around the Matoba Virus which caused fever, bleeding and death. Though the Matoba Virus eventually mutated and started to spread like flu, the virus that its based on does not spread in like manner – the Ebola Virus – at least not at this writing. Still it begs a question, how clean is the area where you will be sitting to enjoy that movie? And if you’re eating at the theater, how clean is the area where your food is being prepared? Have you looked? Hmm-mm…

With high traffic crowd turnover, one thing is for certain – movie theaters have to be cleaned regularly. That’s probably why most theaters keep the temperature low which helps to inhibit bacteria growth. But low temperatures can also masks odors in the room too.

So the next time you decide to go for a movie treat, its better to be safe than sorry. Take along a few quick cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes and small liquid sanitize. Be careful of what you touch! Be careful of what you eat!


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