Keeping your floors clean is paramount to keeping customers and getting new ones. Studies have shown that dirty floors are near the top of a list of top customer turnoffs. Choosing the right tools for the job can help keep your floor cleaner. I previously wrote about the features of different brooms and the steps for proper sweeping. Today, we’re talking mops. Mops come in different materials, absorbencies and durability.

There are four features to look at when you buy a mop.

1) Launderability – based on the number of wash cycles your mop can endure before its performance declines. Synthetic and blended fiber mops have the highest levels of launderability.

2) Absorbency – your mop’s ability to pick up and retain liquid. The higher the level of absorbency, the faster your floor will dry. Rayon and cotton yarns are tops in this category.

3) Release – the ability of your mop to release liquid onto the floor or during wringing. Higher levels mean more efficiency when wringing and applying cleaning solutions to your floor. Rayon and synthetic yarns offer the best release of liquid.

4) Durability – how long it will perform before you need to replace your mop. Synthetic and blended fiber mops are the most durable. Antimicrobial fibers are also more durable because they prevent the bacteria that discolor your mop or make it smell.

Once you choose your mop, check out our YouTube video on proper mopping techniques to make the most out of your mop.

Some information in this blog post courtesy: Rubbermaid Commercial Products