A new year and new decade begins. In today’s blog, the the importance of keeping your floors clean is discussed. Using the right mops and brooms and the proper techniques will make most out of your sweeping and mopping efforts, keep customers happy and coming back.

Posting the floor cleaning blog has provided some interesting feedback that’s worth addressing.

Rafael posted:
“Can I add by saying that clean floors are essential to prevent slips and trips? Dirty floors tend to be greasy in nature and in combination with water, the resulting surface film will lower the slip resistance to possibly dangerous levels. As you can imagine, the liability for any slip or trip incidences falls on to the owner/management of the premises, so it is imperative that floors are kept clean and dry as far as reasonably practical. Rarely do i see people acknowledge cleaning as a health and safety measure as well as a hygiene matter.”

He’s right. Keeping your floors clean is more than just a hygiene and cleanliness issue, it’s also a safety concern. A wet or slick floor, whether it happened from a spill or in the cleaning process, can be dangerous to your customers and employees. Slipping or falling on a wet or slick floor can cause a customer or an employee great harm and that’s a huge liability for both your bottom line and word-of-mouth business reviews.

The good news is that preventing slips and falls is inexpensive and easy. For instance, using a wet floor sign warning made in a bright color makes it easy for everyone to know what areas of the floor that should be avoid.

Research has found that wet floors with no warning signs impact the safety, health, hygiene and could mean the difference in repeat business.