Looking for tips to green clean your daycare? Take a look at the cleaning supplies you currently have on hand like the soap you use or the bottle of cleaning solution you use to wipe things down.

Most of our lives is spend indoors and the air quality indoors is definitely poorer than the quality outdoors. The daycare environment is no exception. According to Green Mama, “Children are particularly susceptible to pollution because their organs systems are still developing, they aren’t as able to detoxify, and they breathe more rapidly (and more often through their mouths) than adults. Even subtle exposures during infancy and childhood can also be linked to radical outcomes, including cancers”.

Many things can affect the air quality in a day care – toys (and what they’re made of), building materials and more. Another major contributor to poor air quality is cleaning supplies. Green Mama provides a few tips on how you can green your cleaning routine in a day care. In today’s infographic, take a look at these tips to learn how you can start to green your cleaning routine in your daycare to stay healthy and strong.