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First Impressions Matter

business entrywayFirst impressions matter. They matter when you’re meeting someone new. They also matter when you’re trying to attract new people to your business. One of the first things people will notice is your floor, especially if it’s dirty. You know that restrooms are another place where customers form opinions about your business. But the entryway, whether it’s a waiting room, lobby, reception area, even dining space can also mean the difference between walking in your door or heading back outside.

So how do you prepare the entry area of your business to make the best first impression? Check glass surfaces for spots, smudges and fingerprints. Use our window/glass cleaning process:

1)      Dip your strip washer in your cleaning solution bucket. Squeeze off any excess.
2)      Scrub the glass. Make sure to cover the entire window, focusing on areas with dirt buildup.
3)      Squeegee. Start in the top left corner of your window and pull down the length of the window.
4)      Wipe squeegee blade with cloth.
5)      Squeegee the next section of your window, making sure your squeegee overlaps the area you just cleaned.
6)      Repeat steps three through five until your window is finished.

Next, make sure you sweep and mop or vacuum your floors, depending on the surface. Always make sure to use signs to indicate when a floor is wet. A good way to help reduce dirt is by putting floor mats both inside and outside your Lobby Dustpan with Wheelsdoor. These will help attract dirt from your customers’ shoes so they don’t track as much throughout your business. Mats should have a non-slip backing to keep them in place and prevent injuries. They’re easy to clean – just shake them off outside and give them a quick once-over with a vacuum.

Other places to check for dirt are around light switches, door knobs and near your ceiling. Make sure to remove any cobwebs and dust that could buildup in places near ceiling fans or above doorways.

Always keep trash bins handy, especially at entrances. For restaurants, you’ll want a large trash bin so customers can throw out their trash as they leave. In an office or reception area, a smaller bin will help collect any paper or wrappers customers have.

A clean entryway shows customers you care about their first impression. And that’s good news for your bottom line.

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