College-bound students will begin to flood college campuses across the country in a few short weeks. Those that are familiar with dorm life are ahead of the game when it comes to figuring out what they will need to do to prepare. Students new to campus living need to explore their options on what they will need when living in a dorm situation on or off campus.

In today’s blog post, in a recent article from the DeClutter Coach, ideas are shared to help new students get ready for living on campus this fall:


  • Haven’t seen where you’ll be living or are unsure of what your college dorm will look like? Request information from your residence hall office about the room size and storage space.
  • Make a list. Find out what is and what is not allowed in your dorm room. Include items you already have on your list.
  • Do you know who your roommate will be? If not, reach out and introduce yourself. Try discussing the new living space you will share and how you both can maximize the space.
  • Want to establish a good dorm look? Check out dorm decor sites. Many offer ideas on how to improve the look and feel of your new living space. Make sure you include your roommate’s opinion.
  • Establish a ‘need’ vs ‘want’ list. Be budget conscious and purchase items you really need.

*See more at the DeClutter Coach original post.

When moving into a new dorm room, make sure you clean and sanitize the space you will be making your home for a while. Purchasing things like a mop, dust pan, broom and cleaning cloths will go a long way in helping you keep things nice and tidy.

Headed for college soon? Start off strong, have a successful year and remember to take a little time for yourself. Enjoy the college experience!