Your Mattress: What Are You Sleeping On?

Mattress (Photo: US Consumer Product Safety Commission)

(Photo: US Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Recently, a local news channel ran a special report “What’s Inside Your Old Mattress?” I would not have necessarily thought about replacing a mattress unless there was some problem. I just felt that the saying ‘If its over eight its time to replace’ was just a cute marketing saying designed to get me to replace something that was perfectly fine. That was until I finally watched  that special report on old mattresses that I didn’t want to watch but did.

What’s Living In Your Mattress?

Let me start out by saying I love my bed. It provides me with a good night sleep every night. For me, there was not a reason to replace a perfectly good mattress that yes was over the eight year mark but was still in good shape. So I thought. After looking at the report and doing a little investigation on my own, I learned that yep, it just might be time to replace that comfy mattress. On the surface, it may look fine, but the question was, what’s underneath the surface? What am I breathing every night? Could my mattress contain mold spores, dust mites and other disgusting things that make my skin crawl? And could my mattress be the cause of some of my allergies?

Weekly, I strip down my bed for a deep cleaning complete with massaging in baking soda and an essential oil mixture to let it sit for a day before vacuuming off. Normally, you only need to let the mixture sit for an hour or two, but I typically make placing fresh linen on the bed the last thing I do in my normal cleaning routine. Besides, I like making sure that with the extra time, the mattress has time to absorb the effects of the cleaning mixture. Do you clean your mattress? Though cleaning your mattress is a good thing and it does freshen it,  at some point you just have to replace it. It’s kinda like keeping those old cleaning tools around that you think still have life in them but don’t. Like that old broom, mop or dusting cloth that you think is still cleaning like it should but really isn’t. By the way, Century Products can help you when you’re ready to replace those old worn out tools!

Consumer Reports says you should think about changing your mattress if its five to seven years old and they provide a mattress buying guide to help you figure things out. After watching that special report and getting grossed out with what I’ve learned, I think it’s time to take that ‘more than eight time to replace’ slogan to heart.

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