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Your Car Can Make You Sick: 5 Cleaning Tips To Stay Healthy

Your Car Can Make You SickWe all spend a lot of time cleaning our homes and businesses. We sweep, mop, vacuum, scrub, disinfect and do everything possible to make sure we’re keeping our spaces as clean as possible. But when was the last time you cleaned your car? I am talking about a hardcore cleaning, including cleaning the carpets, upholstery and disinfecting. For most of us, it’s probably been a while. In fact, aside from picking up all of the stuff that accumulates in my car, I generally don’t think about cleaning it. It turns out, I should.

An article on talks about all of the germs and bacteria that live in your car. It was almost like a “duh” moment. I know these germs live in my house and office, but cleaning my car is not on my to-do list. Just like any other area that isn’t cleaned properly, your car can make you sick.

Think about it. You sneeze while driving, and that gets all over the dash board. You touch your keys, steering wheel, radio and other parts of your car. There’s nowhere in the car to wash your hands. So germs in one part of your car can transfer to other parts. Even your trunk is full of bacteria according to the UFE article. Ew.

So what can you do to prevent getting sick from your car?

  1. Sanitize often. Keep antibacterial cleaning wipes in your car and wipe down your surfaces including the dash board, ignition, your keys, buttons, handles, mirrors, the gear shift and any other non-upholstered surfaces.
  2. Contain your trash. Instead of throwing it on the floor, keep a bag or other trash receptacle in your car. That way, bacteria isn’t hiding Your Car Can Make You Sickunder the trash on your floor and food and dirt particles aren’t spilling everywhere.
  3. Vacuum often. Clean your floors, mats and upholstery.
  4. Use floor mats and seat covers that can be washed easily. This will help prevent germs from living in your upholstered areas and you can clean them much more easily. Covers and mats you can throw in the washing machine are the best because cleaning them is so simple.
  5. Think of your car like an extension of your home or office. Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars. Make sure you are cleaning them as frequently as you would clean your home or office.


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