Proper Floor Cleaning Steps

You Clean It, Why Not Show It Off?

It’s no secret that customers notice cleanliness. From restaurant bathrooms to business floors and organized shelves, your cleaning, or lack of cleaning, will get noticed. You’re taking extra time to make sure every spot, grain of dirt and spill is cleaned quickly, so why not promote those cleaning efforts?

A recent Technomic survey found that 98% of restaurant customers say cleanliness is somewhat or extremely important. A Cintas Corporation survey found 95% of customers won’t go to a restaurant with a dirty or problematic restroom. Most restaurants take their cleaning very seriously, doing everything possible to give customers the best experience possible. You create a cleaning schedule, a manager oversees the work to make sure it’s done right and you make sure the bathroom is always fully stocked before customers need to ask for towels or toilet paper.

You’re doing all the work, so why not make it a selling point? Since cleanliness ranks right up there with food and service as reasons customers choose one restaurant over another, promoting your cleanliness could give you a competitive edge. I am not suggesting a marketing campaign saying “eat here, we have the cleanest bathroom in town” or a big sign on the front window touting your restrooms. However, a small sign on the restroom door saying “clean restroom” could be beneficial as long as your cleaning routine can back that up. People will remember that sign.

Another option, post your restroom cleaning schedule somewhere customers can see it. That   way, someone walking into the restroom will know how often the restroom is cleaned and what procedures the staff use. A simple chart that lists the time and date of the last cleaning can go a long way. It also keeps a record for the staff and managers to ensure cleaning is taking place when it should. If your staff uses a checklist, consider posting that too. Don’t make a big deal about posting it, but customers will see it and take note of your cleaning efforts.

You could also create a simple sign with your cleaning policy. Consider something along the lines of “our staff checks this restroom every hour to ensure its cleanliness. We deep clean after each shift, including sweeping, mopping and sanitizing all surfaces.” Obviously your statement should reflect your business’s cleaning needs.

The most important thing here is that if you are touting your restaurant or restroom’s cleanliness, you do the work to back that up. If you post a cleaning schedule that hasn’t been filled out in three months, someone will probably notice it, take a picture and post it on social media for everyone to see. The same goes for posting a “clean restroom” sign if your restroom is a mess. Customers want to eat in a place they perceive as clean. Clean, remind them that it’s clean and they’ll spread the good word.

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