Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window CleaningWindows are the eyes into your building. They’re among the first things customers see when they pull into your parking lot and can improve sales by giving customers a peek inside.  Clean windows also allow natural light into your building, improving the atmosphere inside.

When it comes to window cleaning, especially for a business, you need to invest in the proper tools. They will make your job easier and leave your windows looking cleaner.

  1. Fill strip washer bucket with approved window cleaning solution.
  2. Place wet floor signs near windows you are about to clean. Signs should be visible from all points of entry.
  3. Attach handle window brush.
  4. Dip brush into solution and frame the window. That means you should move the brush around the edges of the window, making a square.
  5. Use your window brush to remove soil build-up.Window Cleaning
  6. Dip your strip washer into your window cleaning solution.
  7. Use strip washer to wet remainder of the window.
  8. With you window squeegee, begin in top left corner and remove solution from window. Use overlapping Window Cleaningstrokes to avoid streaks.
  9. Use a clean, dry towel to wipe squeegee as needed.
  10. Continue squeegeeing window from top to bottom until all solution has been removed.
  11. NOTE: for hard-to-reach or high window cleaning, attach window brush, strip washer and squeegee to extension pole. This will eliminate the need for ladders that pose safety risks.
  12. Rinse all tools after use. Launder strip washer sleeve. Allow all tools to dry fully before returning to storage.

Once the floor around the windows is fully dry, you can remove the wet floor signs. DO NOT remove wet floor signs if there is still a slip and fall risk near your windows.

*NOTE: For outdoor window cleaning, we recommend wearing a brightly colored, reflective safety vest to improve visibility and safety.

Watch our how-to video to make your windows sparkle:

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