Wear a Safety Vest

Wear a Safety Vest

Wear a Safety VestWhen it comes to cleaning outdoor areas, safety is paramount. You are cleaning for the safety of your of your staff and guests. However, the safety of the person doing the cleaning also needs to be a factor. When you are cleaning windows, sidewalks, parking lots or other outdoor surfaces, you should wear a safety vest. It doesn’t matter what time of day you are performing these cleaning tasks.  A brightly colored safety vest will make you visible to any cars or vehicles in the vicinity. That reduces the chances of getting hit by a car due to poor visibility.

According to OSHA, 15% of all workplace fatalities involve vehicle accidents that struck employees in the workplace. This research specifically looked at workplace fatalities in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. However, it underscores the need for improved visibility of employees working in areas near vehicles. Safety vests are designed to make you stand out from your surroundings. They come in bright colors with reflective material that makes you easier to see in various conditions.

Choose a safety vest that fits properly and fasten. Do not wear damaged or overly dirty safety vests as that could impact visibility. Inspect vests regularly and stop using if the reflective trim is damaged or the fluorescent color of the fabric becomes noticeably faded.

OSHA Regional News Release 10/2/2014

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