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Visible Wet Floor Signs

Visible Wet Floor SignsYour wet floor signs won’t work if no one can see them or if they cause safety hazards themselves. You want easily visible wet floor signs that are brightly colored, large and easy-to-read. It’s even better if your wet floor sign communicates in multiple languages (like English and Spanish, French or Chinese) in order to meet the needs of the community you serve. The ultimate goal is to reduce slips and falls in your business, keeping employees and customers/visitors safer.

The traditional wet floor sign looks like this:

visible wet floor signs

It is an A-frame made of hard plastic with text on the two flat sides. They generally come in yellow, though I have seen them in other colors (not in person). These wet floor signs collapse into a flat piece of plastic for easy storage. However, they could also pose their own safety challenges. We have all seen people walk into things when they are texting or generally not paying attention to their surroundings. If someone were to walk into one of these A-frame wet floor signs, it could collapse, causing a trip hazard. At 24”, they are also not large enough to be seen over tabletops.

There is a premium option now available:

visible wet floor signs

This 36” Weighted Wet Floor sign improves upon the best features of your traditional wet floor sign. It is still brightly-colored for visibility purposes. However, this one is four-sided to make it easier to see from a multitude of angles. Weights on the bottom corners prevent the sign from collapsing if walked into or bumped, but it still folds flat for storage.  It is taller than traditional wet floor signs, so it can be seen more easily over tabletops and chairs and is easier to capture on surveillance video to avoid “misunderstandings.”

Whichever wet floor sign you use, it is important to have eight on-hand at all times, to ensure you have enough to make your wet floor signs visible from all points of entry before someone reaches a slick spot. Always place wet floor signs down before you begin cleaning. Place them as quickly as possible after a spill.

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