Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser

Toilet Paper Dispenser Safety

Toilet paper dispensers can be dangerous. It might sound humorous, but it’s true. There have been several lawsuits over the past couple of years about stainless steel dispensers falling and injuring restaurant customers. Other lawsuits involve dispensers popping open because someone didn’t lock them when replacing the toilet paper. Those injuries and lawsuits cause a huge liability that could easily be avoided.

An important element in preventing dispensers from falling is ensuring they are properly mounted. Safety is vital for Century Products LLC and all of our cleaning programs. Both our Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser and our Standard Tissue Dispenser have two mounting points, as you can see in the picture below. That means they’re more secure and unlikely to fall.

Mounting Screw locationsAdditionally, the dispensers come with all of the hardware you need to install them properly, eliminating any concerns over whether you’re using the right screws to keep your dispenser in place.

Another safety feature of our Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser is that you do not need a key to lock the cover in place. It has teeth that snap into place once you fill the dispenser with the proper paper and close the cover. That means no one needs to remember to turn the key. You only need the key to unlock the dispenser, so it can’t accidentally pop open and hurt someone.Jumbo Roll Dispenser Snap Both

Some plastic dispensers are made from materials that can crack and break. Sharp pieces of broken plastic can cause cuts and puncture wounds, another set of liabilities. Scratches to the dispenser might not cause injuries, but they ruin the appearance. That’s why our Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser cover is made from practically indestructable polycarbonate. It’s so durable that we put a dispenser under each tire of a 16,000 pound truck, and when we pulled the dispensers out, they looked as good as new.Truck on Jumbo Roll

The textured finish on the polycarbonate cover prevents scratches and smudges, so your dispenser will not only hold up to repeated use (and abuse), it will look good in the process.

ada compliance logoComplying with the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA is also vital in preveting liabilities and lawsuits related to paper dispensers. It is required by law to maintain these standards. In order to maintain ADA compliance, you must follow two measurements:

1. The distance from the toilet to the center line of the dispenser:
-Must be 7”-9” from the front of the toilet.
2. The distance from the finished floor to the output of the dispenser:
Option 1: Below the grab bar – Must be a minimum 15” from the floor to the output of the dispenser
Option 2: Above the grab bar – Must be a maximum 48” from the floor to the output of the dispenserADA Compliance Sketch

*Dispensers should never be mounted behind the grab bar, as that makes them difficult to access.

All of Century Products LLC’s dispensers meet ADA standards. All dispensers can be mounted at multiple heights in order to comply with ADA installation guidelines. They can all be accessed with one hand and do not require grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist.

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