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Toilet Paper Dispenser Safety

Toilet paper dispensers can be dangerous. It might sound humorous, but it’s true. There have been several lawsuits over the past couple of years about stainless steel dispensers falling and injuring restaurant customers. Other lawsuits involve dispensers popping open because someone didn’t lock them when replacing the toilet paper. Those injuries and lawsuits cause a […]

Dirty Restrooms Result in Fewer Customers for your Business

Dirty Restrooms Result in Fewer Customers for your Business

Public restrooms can be gross. In fact, they’re a top reason why Americans will leave your business. Simply put, dirty restrooms result in fewer customers for your business. Clean restrooms are an indicator of your cleanliness program and whether the rest of your business is also clean. And the surveys continue to back up the need […]

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Three Tips to Get Your Kids Involved in House Cleaning

Cleaning can be a chore. It can take a lot of time out of our busy schedules when, let’s be honest, we would much rather be doing something more fun. Rather than taking on all of the cleaning tasks by yourself, you can get the whole family involved and cut your cleaning time significantly. For […]


Five Steps for Restaurant Sustainability

Many restaurants are looking for new ways to go green and maintain sustainable business practices. A main method of going green in the restaurant industry is by utilizing locally-sourced foods from nearby farms and other suppliers. However, there are other methods businesses can use to go green, including in their cleaning and sanitation efforts. 1. […]

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Seven Green Cleaning Tips for Homes & Businesses

Green cleaning is a popular concept. Whether it’s making your own cleaning supplies using natural ingredients or choosing reusable cleaning tools, there are ways out there for everyone to become a little greener. Here are seven simple green cleaning  tips for homes and businesses: Invest in reusable supplies. I mentioned this above; finding tools you […]

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Stay Organized While You Clean

Staying organized is always helpful, even when it comes to cleaning. Staying organized will reduce the time it takes you to clean because all of your supplies will be in one place and ready to go when it’s time to use them. Proper organization will not only help homeowners with their cleaning, it will reduce […]

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Five Tips for Choosing The Right Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning isn’t just a chore. In some ways, it’s a bit of a science. The goal is to make your room, home or business clean, not make it worse in the process. That’s where the precision comes into play. You can’t just grab any tool and any cleaning solution and get to work. You need […]

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Five Restroom Cleaning Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

Public restrooms are hotbeds for germs and bacteria. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Sometimes they’re visibly dirty, other times they smell bad and sometimes they look clean, but we still don’t know what bacteria are breeding and where. Restrooms are generally the most complained about areas in a business. Typically, we clean and disinfect […]

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Don’t Let Your Restroom Get a Bad Rap: Keep it Clean!

When it comes to cleaning, restrooms get a bad rap. More customers will complain about cleanliness issues in your restrooms than they will anywhere else in your business. That’s not to say you and your cleaning staff aren’t working hard to make your restroom spotless. However, we all know what goes on in the restroom and […]