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choosing broom bristles

Choosing Broom Bristles

Choosing a broom is about a lot more than picking one off the shelf. You need to choose your broom according to the type of bristles that will work best on your surface. Choosing broom bristles starts with knowing what surface you are sweeping. Whether you’re working indoors, outdoors, in dry conditions or wet conditions, […]

Slips and Falls on Leaves

Slips and Falls on Leaves

Fall is here and that means beautiful yellows, oranges and reds hanging from the trees. However, if you’re not careful, those leaves can be dangerous, especially when it rains. Leaves get slippery when wet, increasing the risk of slips and falls. Preventing slips and falls on leaves is relatively easy with some basic outdoor maintenance […]

Proper Floor Cleaning Steps

Proper Floor Cleaning Steps

Keeping hard floors clean can be a daunting task, especially in a commercial setting with a lot of floor space. It doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you know the proper floor cleaning steps. Select appropriate color-coded tools for the area you are cleaning. Century Products recommends red for kitchens/back-of-house, blue for lobbies/front-of-house and […]

Proper Sweeping

Proper Sweeping

Sweeping is a common task, whether for your home or business. But are you doing it correctly? Proper sweeping improves efficiency, getting your floors clean quicker. Here are five steps for proper sweeping. Find a broom that fits your floor surface: Abrasive floors need natural corn fiber brooms while synthetic brooms work for smooth surfaces. […]

Fall Cleaning

Cleaning Outdoor Areas

Cleaning outdoor areas is just as important as cleaning inside your business. Outdoor areas are the first things customers will notice when they approach your business. Piles of trash and other debris could be a big turnoff, costing you customers and money. They could also be dangerous for your customers and staff. That’s why it’s […]

grout brush hand web

Grout and Tile Cleaning Tools and Tips

This blog covers a lot about proper floor care when it comes to mopping and sweeping. Those floor care techniques aren’t always enough to clean tile flooring. Cleaning tile and grout poses a unique challenge, as it is not an even surface and dirt can get stuck in and even stain your grout. That can […]

Be Smart About Your Cleaning

The Costs of Foodborne Illnesses and Cleaning for Prevention

More than 3,000 people die each year in the United States from foodborne illnesses. An estimated 128,000 more people end up in the hospital each year with a foodborne illness. Those numbers are only a portion of the foodborne illnesses impacting our country annually. Nearly half of all foodborne illnesses can be traced to restaurants. Those […]


Five Steps for Restaurant Sustainability

Many restaurants are looking for new ways to go green and maintain sustainable business practices. A main method of going green in the restaurant industry is by utilizing locally-sourced foods from nearby farms and other suppliers. However, there are other methods businesses can use to go green, including in their cleaning and sanitation efforts. 1. […]