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Restroom Maintenance

If you operate a restaurant or business that is open to the public, restroom maintenance should be a top priority. Restrooms are used frequently and a customer’s perspective of your restroom impacts how that person feels about your business overall. A dirty restroom indicates to customers that your business is dirty. According to the ISSA […]

4 steps to reducing cross-contamination

Why is Cleaning Important

Why is cleaning important? This seems obvious question, but the answer is always worth a reminder. Cleaning is important because: Cleaning brings your customers in and keeps them coming back. One reason we clean is for appearance. Customers notice when your restaurant or business isn’t clean and it will keep them from coming back. In […]

restroom maintenance

Public Restroom Contamination

Many of us walk into public restrooms and grab the toilet seat covers. What most of us don’t realize is that when it comes to public restroom contamination, the toilet seat isn’t necessarily the most contaminated object. Microbiolgy experts from Biocote took samples from various surfaces in public restrooms and found sinks had higher levels […]

restroom maintenance

Workplace Restroom Dissatisfaction

Restrooms matter. A lot. And your customers aren’t the only ones taking notice when restrooms don’t get cleaned. As it turns out, a dirty restroom could be impacting employee morale in your business. The fifth annual “Healthy Hand Washing Survey” by the Bradley Corporation found that 93% of Americans believe the condition of their workplace’s […]

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Facility Cleaning Tips

No one wants to walk into any business and find dirt, grime or a general lack of cleaning and maintenance. Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, nightclub, store, school or office building, there are some common places you can focus your cleaning efforts to keep your space in top shape and keep your customers and clients […]

Proper Floor Cleaning Steps

10 Training Tips for Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms are a top source of complaints for many types of businesses, including restaurants, bars and nightclubs and convenience stores. They’re also a great hidden source of revenue, but only if you keep them clean, well-stocked and well-maintained. Studies have found that people will leave a business sooner than planned if the restroom isn’t up […]

restroom maintenance

Dirty Restroom Experiences Impact Your Business

If you don’t think social media impacts your business, think again. A recent article in USA Today asks the question, “Would you eat in a restaurant with a dirty bathroom?” It turns out, customers aren’t only commenting online about your food. They’re talking about your restrooms. And if that restroom isn’t clean, it takes only […]

Surprising Germ Spots

Germy Handbags and How to Sanitize Them

Ladies: your handbag might be germier than your toilet seat. That’s according to research from Initial Washroom Hygiene, a washroom services company based in the UK. The company discovered that bacteria thrive on handles and inside your purse. According to the research, one in five handbag handles contained dangerous levels of bacteria that can cause […]

4 steps to reducing cross contamination

Bad Handwashing and How to Improve

Most of us don’t wash our hands properly. In fact, a survey discovered that 95% of people are not washing their hands long enough to kill harmful bacteria. That doesn’t even take into account the people who use the restroom and walk out without washing their hands. Gross! Researchers at Michigan State University observed handwashing […]