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foodborne illness

Preventing Foodborne Illnesses

Training is a top factor in preventing foodborne illnesses. When it comes to food handling, even small mistakes can cause big problems, from medical to financial. Training to prevent foodborne illnesses needs to focus on specific requirements for the job. When it comes to foodservice businesses, employees need to understand that they are the first […]

restroom maintenance

Restroom Maintenance

If you operate a restaurant or business that is open to the public, restroom maintenance should be a top priority. Restrooms are used frequently and a customer’s perspective of your restroom impacts how that person feels about your business overall. A dirty restroom indicates to customers that your business is dirty. According to the ISSA […]

slips and falls on ramps

Slips and Falls On Ramps

Slips and falls are a top source of liabilities for many businesses, including in the restaurant industry. Different parts of your business require different cleaning and safety techniques to reduce the risks of slips and falls. For example, commercial kitchens require tools that will remove grease from the floor and entryways need extra matting to […]

Cleaning improves safety

Proper Mopping Equipment

When it comes to floorcare in your restaurant or business, having the proper equipment is imperative. The proper mopping equipment is no exception. Using the wrong tools for your space can make the job more difficult, reduce cleanliness and require more frequent replacement. The proper mopping equipment will save you time, labor and money while […]

reduce your risk of getting sick

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

Cleaning vs. disinfecting: what’s the difference? Many people don’t realize that cleaning and disinfecting are two distinct steps in the process to make your restaurant, home or business cleaner. Performing only one step means you aren’t getting your place as clean as you thought. In fact, the order in which you clean and disinfect is […]

4 steps to reducing cross contamination

Why Is Color Coding Important

Why is color coding important for your restaurant? It seems trivial – why do I need a specific color in a specific area. However, there are huge benefits to color coding that can improve the health, safety and cleanliness of your restaurant. All of those can save you money on liability claims in the long […]

Proper Floor Cleaning Steps

Proper Floor Cleaning Steps

Keeping hard floors clean can be a daunting task, especially in a commercial setting with a lot of floor space. It doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you know the proper floor cleaning steps. Select appropriate color-coded tools for the area you are cleaning. Century Products recommends red for kitchens/back-of-house, blue for lobbies/front-of-house and […]