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Cleaning improves safety

Proper Mopping Equipment

When it comes to floorcare in your restaurant or business, having the proper equipment is imperative. The proper mopping equipment is no exception. Using the wrong tools for your space can make the job more difficult, reduce cleanliness and require more frequent replacement. The proper mopping equipment will save you time, labor and money while […]

Cleaning improves safety

Businesses Need a Cleaning Supplies Partner

Have you ever gone to a big box store looking for a specific product, only to be overwhelmed by the choices? There might be half a dozen (or more!) versions of the same item and navigating them might be difficult. This is true in many industries, including cleaning supplies. With 10 brooms in front of […]

Sticky Floor

Proper Mopping Techniques

Proper mopping techniques will make floor cleaning much easier and quicker. Sweep floor to clear it of all debris. Place wet floor signs throughout the area so they are visible from all points of entry. Attach your mophead to selected mop handle. Insert mophead into approved cleaning solution in mop bucket  and wring out excess into […]

Kitchen floor safety

How Many Wet Floor Signs Do You Really Need?

Nothing is more important than the safety of your employees and customers. And when it comes to restaurants (and most other businesses), slips and falls are a top source of liability. In fact, research has found that about four million employees and customers get hurt each year from slips and falls in restaurants. Many of […]

Improve Floor Safety with a Dry Mop

Improve Floor Safety with a Dry Mop

It’s no secret that slips and falls can be costly for businesses. They’re the number one liability for restaurants, causing millions of injuries each year. Proper floor care and cleaning help reduce those risks. That includes using a mop bucket that separates clean and dirty water as well as knowing the best ways to sweep […]

Dust in Restaurants

Five Dirtiest Areas in Your Restaurant and How to Clean Them

Restaurant cleanliness is one of the top factors in whether a customer sits down at your restaurant or quickly escapes out the door. Dining out is an experience. Customers expect a clean, welcoming environment. And they should. Restaurants are part of the hospitality industry and as owners, operators and employees, it’s vital to take every […]

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Grout and Tile Cleaning Tools and Tips

This blog covers a lot about proper floor care when it comes to mopping and sweeping. Those floor care techniques aren’t always enough to clean tile flooring. Cleaning tile and grout poses a unique challenge, as it is not an even surface and dirt can get stuck in and even stain your grout. That can […]

Keep Flies Away

Cleaning and Sanitizing to Reduce Cross-Contamination

No matter how much care you take when cooking your food, there is no way to avoid foodborne illnesses if you don’t properly clean and sanitize your preparation and cooking surfaces. You must clean any surface that comes in contact with food in between each task. That includes prep tables, knives, cutting boards, pots and […]