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Kitchen Floor Safety

Kitchen Floor Safety

Floor safety is of the utmost importance in any business. Practicing safety techniques keeps your employees and customers safer. In restaurants and foodservice environments, you have the added challenge of kitchen floor safety. Kitchen floors require special cleaning and safety procedures because of the cooking grease that can make floors extra slick. If not cleaned […]

4 steps to reducing cross-contamination

Why is Cleaning Important

Why is cleaning important? This seems obvious question, but the answer is always worth a reminder. Cleaning is important because: Cleaning brings your customers in and keeps them coming back. One reason we clean is for appearance. Customers notice when your restaurant or business isn’t clean and it will keep them from coming back. In […]

Commercial Oven Cleaning

Commercial Oven Cleaning

Commercial oven cleaning is vital in any professional kitchen. Improperly cleaned ovens can cause food to taste bad and even worse, can become safety and fire hazards. Drippings from old food can also cause foodborne illnesses that could make your customers sick. Commercial ovens should be cleaned daily to avoid any potential dangers. Deeper cleanings […]

Dust in Restaurants

Restaurant Cleaning Frequency

Restaurant cleanliness is vital for the safety of your food, customers and employees. Keeping that commercial kitchen clean is no easy task. Knowing restaurant cleaning frequency for key areas in your bsuiness can make the process easier and quicker. Below are restaurant cleaning tasks that need regular attention. Please note that this is not an exhaustive […]

Be Smart About Your Cleaning

Where Bacteria Hide in your Kitchen

It’s no secret that bacteria hide everywhere. Contrary to popular belief, many of the germiest areas in a restaurant, business or home are in the kitchen, not the restroom. With their proximity to food, those germs can cause potentially dangerous foodborne illnesses. A recent study from NSF International looked at 14 common kitchen items for […]

Personal Hygiene Matters in Your Restaurant

Personal Hygiene = Restaurant Hygiene

Your appearance matters. I am not talking about your looks; I am talking about appearance: your hair, clothing, even your fingernails – they all matter if you work in a restaurant. And it comes down to health and safety. Good personal hygiene is imperative for restaurant employees as a way to reduce cross-contamination and the […]

Proper Restaurant Cleaning And Maintenance Will Save You Money

Kitchen Germs and How to Clean Them

Many people believe bathrooms, whether public or in their home or offices, are the germiest places in a building. The truth is that some of the most dangerous bacteria live in your kitchen. The germs can cause all kinds of easily-spreadable diseases such as the cold, flu and stomach viruses. Most of these germs are […]

Dust in Restaurants

Five Dirtiest Areas in Your Restaurant and How to Clean Them

Restaurant cleanliness is one of the top factors in whether a customer sits down at your restaurant or quickly escapes out the door. Dining out is an experience. Customers expect a clean, welcoming environment. And they should. Restaurants are part of the hospitality industry and as owners, operators and employees, it’s vital to take every […]

Keep Flies Away

Cleaning and Sanitizing to Reduce Cross-Contamination

No matter how much care you take when cooking your food, there is no way to avoid foodborne illnesses if you don’t properly clean and sanitize your preparation and cooking surfaces. You must clean any surface that comes in contact with food in between each task. That includes prep tables, knives, cutting boards, pots and […]

Be Smart About Your Cleaning

Food Safety to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

More than 1,000 foodborne illness outbreaks occur each year in restaurants. Sources include everything from salmonella to Norovirus and other dangerous germs. Those germs can come from almost any type of food, most commonly poultry, meat, greens and dairy. Those foodborne illnesses can send your customers to the doctor’s office or hospital. Some could even […]