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Sticky Floor

Sticky Floors

I walked into a restaurant for breakfast recently and with every step I took, my shoes stuck to the floor. It was a little more than an hour after the restaurant opened, so the floor wasn’t sticky from a full day’s worth of guests. A sticky floor means it’s not clean. You might have swept, […]

slip and fall liabilities

Slip and Fall Liabilities

Slips and falls are the greatest general liability claim within the restaurant industry spending over $2 Billion annually* More than 3 million employees and 1 million guests are injured annually* Reduction in slip and fall claims came from proper floorcare training and cleanliness* Statistics courtesy: http://www.issa.com/data/moxiestorage/regulatory_education/shp/slips_case_study.pdf You can easily and quickly reduce the risks of […]

slip and fall liabilities

Visible Wet Floor Signs

Your wet floor signs won’t work if no one can see them or if they cause safety hazards themselves. You want easily visible wet floor signs that are brightly colored, large and easy-to-read. It’s even better if your wet floor sign communicates in multiple languages (like English and Spanish, French or Chinese) in order to […]

slips and falls on ramps

Slips and Falls On Ramps

Slips and falls are a top source of liabilities for many businesses, including in the restaurant industry. Different parts of your business require different cleaning and safety techniques to reduce the risks of slips and falls. For example, commercial kitchens require tools that will remove grease from the floor and entryways need extra matting to […]

choosing broom bristles

Choosing Broom Bristles

Choosing a broom is about a lot more than picking one off the shelf. You need to choose your broom according to the type of bristles that will work best on your surface. Choosing broom bristles starts with knowing what surface you are sweeping. Whether you’re working indoors, outdoors, in dry conditions or wet conditions, […]

Improve Floor Safety with a Dry Mop

Choosing Microfiber

Microfiber is one of the hot new trends in the cleaning industry. A growing number of cleaning professionals and facility managers are choosing microfiber as a cleaning tool. The reason: microfiber is extremely absorbent. Each strand of microfiber is 100 times finer than human hair. The strands are slips to create microscopic hooks and loops, which […]

Cleaning improves safety

Proper Mopping Equipment

When it comes to floorcare in your restaurant or business, having the proper equipment is imperative. The proper mopping equipment is no exception. Using the wrong tools for your space can make the job more difficult, reduce cleanliness and require more frequent replacement. The proper mopping equipment will save you time, labor and money while […]