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Be Smart About Your Cleaning

The Costs of Foodborne Illnesses and Cleaning for Prevention

More than 3,000 people die each year in the United States from foodborne illnesses. An estimated 128,000 more people end up in the hospital each year with a foodborne illness. Those numbers are only a portion of the foodborne illnesses impacting our country annually. Nearly half of all foodborne illnesses can be traced to restaurants. Those […]

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Three Tips to Get Your Kids Involved in House Cleaning

Cleaning can be a chore. It can take a lot of time out of our busy schedules when, let’s be honest, we would much rather be doing something more fun. Rather than taking on all of the cleaning tasks by yourself, you can get the whole family involved and cut your cleaning time significantly. For […]


Five Steps for Restaurant Sustainability

Many restaurants are looking for new ways to go green and maintain sustainable business practices. A main method of going green in the restaurant industry is by utilizing locally-sourced foods from nearby farms and other suppliers. However, there are other methods businesses can use to go green, including in their cleaning and sanitation efforts. 1. […]


Five Pre-Vacation Home Cleaning Tips

Summer’s here and that means many families are headed out of town on a vacation. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a messy home. You’ve had a great trip, you’re probably a bit tired (albeit happy and exhilarated from a few days away) and if you’re like me, you want to postpone getting back […]

Prevent Foodborne Illnesses When you Cook & Eat Outdoors

Prevent Foodborne Illnesses When you Cook & Eat Outdoors

Steps to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses When You Cook & Eat Outdoors Summer is here and for many families, that means grilling out, enjoying picnics or otherwise spending time outdoors. While those are fun ways to spend the long weekend, it’s important to take precautions to prevent foodborne illnesses when you cook & eat outdoors. TRANSPORTING FOOD: Keep cold […]

4 steps to reducing cross contamination

4 Steps to Reducing Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is a huge concern in the foodservice industry. Concerns are not only about keeping your restaurant clean but also preventing potentially deadly foodborne illnesses. Spending the time to ensure you are taking the proper steps to avoid cross-contamination will benefit your business. In fact, restaurant cleanliness ranks second only to food quality in a […]

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Seven Green Cleaning Tips for Homes & Businesses

Green cleaning is a popular concept. Whether it’s making your own cleaning supplies using natural ingredients or choosing reusable cleaning tools, there are ways out there for everyone to become a little greener. Here are seven simple green cleaning  tips for homes and businesses: Invest in reusable supplies. I mentioned this above; finding tools you […]

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Proper Cleaning Chemical Storage and Safety

I write a lot about green cleaning on this blog, but when it comes to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and certain other industries, there are requirements in place requiring businesses to use specific chemicals or types of chemicals. They’re  in order to necessary in order to clean, disinfect and sanitize to prevent the spread of germs that […]

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Five Cleaning Tips to Reduce Allergens

If you’re like me, the warmer spring weather means allergies. That means itchy, watery eyes, scratchy throats, sneezing and coughing. In fact, an estimated 40 million Americans suffer from allergies, and going inside isn’t always the answer for relief. Allergens can make their way into your home or business, causing more allergy symptoms to those […]