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Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas

Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas can be a daunting task. It can also be dangerous. That’s because oftentimes in order to reach high up or hard-to-reach spots, we need to stand on ladders or worse, chairs and other furniture. That significantly increases the risk of fall-related injuries in your business or home. According to the 2013 Liberty […]

Dust in Restaurants

Five Dirtiest Areas in Your Restaurant and How to Clean Them

Restaurant cleanliness is one of the top factors in whether a customer sits down at your restaurant or quickly escapes out the door. Dining out is an experience. Customers expect a clean, welcoming environment. And they should. Restaurants are part of the hospitality industry and as owners, operators and employees, it’s vital to take every […]

Be Smart About Your Cleaning

The Costs of Foodborne Illnesses and Cleaning for Prevention

More than 3,000 people die each year in the United States from foodborne illnesses. An estimated 128,000 more people end up in the hospital each year with a foodborne illness. Those numbers are only a portion of the foodborne illnesses impacting our country annually. Nearly half of all foodborne illnesses can be traced to restaurants. Those […]

Keep Flies Away

5 Surface Cleaning Tips to Prevent Cross-Contamination

Cleaning your restaurant surfaces isn’t only important for appearances; it’s also vital to prevent cross-contamination. Foodborne illnesses can be spread anywhere in your business, including the eating areas. That’s why restaurant staff need to pay just as much attention to cleaning the front of house as they do the kitchens. You should clean high-touch front-of-house […]

4 steps to reducing cross contamination

4 Steps to Reducing Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is a huge concern in the foodservice industry. Concerns are not only about keeping your restaurant clean but also preventing potentially deadly foodborne illnesses. Spending the time to ensure you are taking the proper steps to avoid cross-contamination will benefit your business. In fact, restaurant cleanliness ranks second only to food quality in a […]

Cleaning The Mystery Smell In Your Bathroom

Cleaning Germ Hot Spots in your Restroom

I recently participated in a LinkedIn discussion based on this article about disinfecting restroom touch points. The article starts with the question “Which is more important: disinfecting a floor in a restroom or disinfecting the stall latch?” It’s an interesting question with an answer that might not seem so obvious. The answer is the second […]

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Seven Green Cleaning Tips for Homes & Businesses

Green cleaning is a popular concept. Whether it’s making your own cleaning supplies using natural ingredients or choosing reusable cleaning tools, there are ways out there for everyone to become a little greener. Here are seven simple green cleaning  tips for homes and businesses: Invest in reusable supplies. I mentioned this above; finding tools you […]

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Proper Cleaning Chemical Storage and Safety

I write a lot about green cleaning on this blog, but when it comes to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and certain other industries, there are requirements in place requiring businesses to use specific chemicals or types of chemicals. They’re  in order to necessary in order to clean, disinfect and sanitize to prevent the spread of germs that […]

ServSafe Logo

Why ServSafe Training is Vital for Food Safety in your Restaurant

When you go out to eat, you expect that employees are handling your food properly. That means everything from proper handwashing to wearing gloves and maintaining the proper food temperatures. The ServSafe Program of the National Restaurant Association is a top way foodservice employees learn about the proper food safety techniques and procedures. It’s all […]