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slips and falls on ramps

Slips and Falls On Ramps

Slips and falls are a top source of liabilities for many businesses, including in the restaurant industry. Different parts of your business require different cleaning and safety techniques to reduce the risks of slips and falls. For example, commercial kitchens require tools that will remove grease from the floor and entryways need extra matting to […]

Cleaning improves safety

Businesses Need a Cleaning Supplies Partner

Have you ever gone to a big box store looking for a specific product, only to be overwhelmed by the choices? There might be half a dozen (or more!) versions of the same item and navigating them might be difficult. This is true in many industries, including cleaning supplies. With 10 brooms in front of […]

A Few Dollars Could Save You Big Bucks on Cleaning

A Few Dollars Could Save You Big Bucks on Cleaning

Spending a few dollars could save you big bucks on cleaning down the road. Seriously. It all relates to how you clean and maintain your cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies don’t clean if they’re dirty or damaged. That means you’ll have to spend big bucks replacing your old tools more frequently, which of course will impact […]

Keep Flies Away

Cleaning Restaurant Dining Areas

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a restaurant table only to find it sticky and covered in crumbs. Cleaning restaurant dining areas is important, not only for appearances, but also to improve your restaurant’s hygiene. Customers don’t want to eat at tables that are not clean or sanitized. They could also make people sick. […]

Replace Cleaning Supplies

Replace Your Cleaning Supplies

How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Your Cleaning Supplies You can’t clean if your tools are beyond their use cycle. By that, I mean your tools are dirty, damaged or otherwise not in working condition. While it’s impossible to predict every type of damage that might occur to your cleaning supplies, here are […]

Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supply Maintenance

Proper cleaning supply maintenance will extend the life of your products. That means you’ll replace them less frequently, which in turn will save you money. It only takes a few minutes to maintain your products. To properly maintain your tools and help extend product life: Rinse out mop buckets (and other buckets), synthetic brooms, hi-lo scrub […]

Earth Day

Green Cleaning

More Americans are going green. That’s great news. A recent survey found that 78% of US consumers buy green products and services, up from 69% a year ago. The top reasons are the environment and health. When many people think about going green, their first thoughts are related to things like chemicals and recycling. Many […]

Keep Your Food Safe Before a Storm

Restaurant Food Storage to Reduce Cross-Contamination Risks

We all know that cleanliness and equipment maintenance are important elements of food safety in a restaurant. Keeping your refrigerator and freezer properly stocked and at the right temperatures could make a difference in whether customers have an enjoyable meal or one that makes them sick. In fact, the food cooling and storage process is […]