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Quick Reference: Restaurant Dry Food Storage Safety

Foodborne illnesses are a top concern for any foodservice establishment. They can come from a variety of sources along the food chain: anywhere from the farm to improper cooking to improper storage can cause a devastating illness. Here is a quick reference for storing dry foods to prevent cross-contamination and spoilage. Store food at least 6 inches above the […]

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Workplace Restroom Dissatisfaction

Restrooms matter. A lot. And your customers aren’t the only ones taking notice when restrooms don’t get cleaned. As it turns out, a dirty restroom could be impacting employee morale in your business. The fifth annual “Healthy Hand Washing Survey” by the Bradley Corporation found that 93% of Americans believe the condition of their workplace’s […]

What are Foodborne Illnessnes and How Can you Prevent Them?

What are Foodborne Illnessnes and How Can you Prevent Them?

We write a lot on this blog about foodborne illnesses: prevention, their costs, sanitation, etc. So, what are foodborne illnesses and how can you prevent them?  There are three main types: physical, chemical and biological. Physical: This is when a foreign object falls into someone’s food and he or she eats it. For example, a piece […]

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Restroom Germ Myths

An article recently made the rounds on the internet and in the news talking about restroom germ myths. The article looked at seven common restroom germ beliefs and dissected which ones were true and which weren’t. You can read the full article and myth information here. This post will only cover a few of those […]

Personal Hygiene Matters in Your Restaurant

Personal Hygiene = Restaurant Hygiene

Your appearance matters. I am not talking about your looks; I am talking about appearance: your hair, clothing, even your fingernails – they all matter if you work in a restaurant. And it comes down to health and safety. Good personal hygiene is imperative for restaurant employees as a way to reduce cross-contamination and the […]

Improve Floor Safety with a Dry Mop

Improve Floor Safety with a Dry Mop

It’s no secret that slips and falls can be costly for businesses. They’re the number one liability for restaurants, causing millions of injuries each year. Proper floor care and cleaning help reduce those risks. That includes using a mop bucket that separates clean and dirty water as well as knowing the best ways to sweep […]

Be Smart About Your Cleaning

Four Commonly Missed Areas in Your Restaurant and How to Clean Them

Regular, proper cleaning is vital for all restaurant kitchens. Cleaning not only keeps your restaurant looking nice, it also helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination that can cause dangerous foodborne illnesses. While it is easy to clean obvious places like floors and restrooms, it’s also important to clean these less obvious areas: Ice Machine: Just […]

Dust in Restaurants

Five Dirtiest Areas in Your Restaurant and How to Clean Them

Restaurant cleanliness is one of the top factors in whether a customer sits down at your restaurant or quickly escapes out the door. Dining out is an experience. Customers expect a clean, welcoming environment. And they should. Restaurants are part of the hospitality industry and as owners, operators and employees, it’s vital to take every […]

Touch-Free Restroom Tools

Making the Case: Ditch your Electric Hand Dryer in Favor of Paper Towels

The case for ditching your hand dryer in favor of paper towels is growing. A new study confirmed the results of previous research that found using disposable paper towels reduces the germs on your hands much more significantly than if you use an electric hand dryer. The most recent information looked at 12 previous studies […]

Disposable Gloves: Why You Should NEVER Reuse Them

Hand Hygiene to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

Foodborne illnesses are a restaurant killer. A single outbreak can cause a restaurant to go out of business. Restaurant chains can go under too, even if they outbreak is confined to a single store. In the days where social media spreads word instantaneously, it doesn’t take much to kill your brand’s reputation. The first thing […]