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4 steps to reducing cross-contamination

Why is Cleaning Important

Why is cleaning important? This seems obvious question, but the answer is always worth a reminder. Cleaning is important because: Cleaning brings your customers in and keeps them coming back. One reason we clean is for appearance. Customers notice when your restaurant or business isn’t clean and it will keep them from coming back. In […]

Keep Flies Away

Cleaning Restaurant Dining Areas

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a restaurant table only to find it sticky and covered in crumbs. Cleaning restaurant dining areas is important, not only for appearances, but also to improve your restaurant’s hygiene. Customers don’t want to eat at tables that are not clean or sanitized. They could also make people sick. […]

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Public Restroom Contamination

Many of us walk into public restrooms and grab the toilet seat covers. What most of us don’t realize is that when it comes to public restroom contamination, the toilet seat isn’t necessarily the most contaminated object. Microbiolgy experts from Biocote took samples from various surfaces in public restrooms and found sinks had higher levels […]

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Quick Reference: Restaurant Dry Food Storage Safety

Foodborne illnesses are a top concern for any foodservice establishment. They can come from a variety of sources along the food chain: anywhere from the farm to improper cooking to improper storage can cause a devastating illness. Here is a quick reference for storing dry foods to prevent cross-contamination and spoilage. Store food at least 6 inches above the […]

Keep Your Food Safe Before a Storm

Restaurant Food Storage to Reduce Cross-Contamination Risks

We all know that cleanliness and equipment maintenance are important elements of food safety in a restaurant. Keeping your refrigerator and freezer properly stocked and at the right temperatures could make a difference in whether customers have an enjoyable meal or one that makes them sick. In fact, the food cooling and storage process is […]

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Workplace Restroom Dissatisfaction

Restrooms matter. A lot. And your customers aren’t the only ones taking notice when restrooms don’t get cleaned. As it turns out, a dirty restroom could be impacting employee morale in your business. The fifth annual “Healthy Hand Washing Survey” by the Bradley Corporation found that 93% of Americans believe the condition of their workplace’s […]

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Facility Cleaning Tips

No one wants to walk into any business and find dirt, grime or a general lack of cleaning and maintenance. Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, nightclub, store, school or office building, there are some common places you can focus your cleaning efforts to keep your space in top shape and keep your customers and clients […]

What are Foodborne Illnessnes and How Can you Prevent Them?

What are Foodborne Illnessnes and How Can you Prevent Them?

We write a lot on this blog about foodborne illnesses: prevention, their costs, sanitation, etc. So, what are foodborne illnesses and how can you prevent them?  There are three main types: physical, chemical and biological. Physical: This is when a foreign object falls into someone’s food and he or she eats it. For example, a piece […]


Preparing Your Floors for Winter

Winter is right around the corner and with it comes the threat of snow and slick conditions. You don’t want to wait until the first snowfall to prepare your floors and outdoor areas to keep everyone as safe as possible. 1. Make sure you have enough wet floor signs. This is a good tip for […]

Reduce the Spread of Germs in your Office

Cell Phone Germs and How to Clean Them

It’ close to your face, covered in germs, but you probably don’t clean it often. I am talking about your cellphone. Researchers have discovered bacteria including coliform and those that can cause Staph, Strep and other infections living on cell phones. We all use our phones. Besides talking, many of us text, surf the internet […]