Small Steps Now Can Make Cleaning Easier Later

vacuumCleaning isn’t always easy and it’s rarely fun. It can be time consuming, cutting into family time or the time you need to spend on other tasks at home or your business. The good news is that if you stay on top of messes, cleaning a little at a time, you won’t need to spend hours cleaning. Here are our tips for getting your home or business cleaned quickly and efficiently.


  • Stay on top of spills: When you see a spill or dirt on the floor, clean it up right away. That might be as simple as wiping it up or you moppingmight need to grab a bucketless mop to get it cleaned. Letting spills sit will make them harder to clean later (think sticky mess) and could damage your floors permanently. This goes for carpeting too. Save the full floor cleaning for your regular time(s).


  • Don’t let soap scum sit: The best time to clean your shower is right after you use it. The steam loosens any stuck-on grime and soap scum. Keep a disinfectant spray bottle and rags, sponges or cloths in the bathroom. When you’re done in the shower, spray it down. Let the spray sit while you get ready, then wipe down and rinse it off. That should take only about two minutes total and you’ll save time and elbow grease later trying to scrub that soap scum away.


  • Goodbye hard water stains: While you’re disinfecting the shower, don’t forget those glass doors. Run your squeegee down the glass to keep water stains away.


  • Ring around the toilet no more: Keep a bowl brush next to your toilet soclean toilet you can give it a quick swipe once a day.  That will make your regular restroom cleaning process quicker because all you’ll need to do is disinfect; no scrubbing needed!


  • Dirty dishes be gone: One of my least favorite tasks is washing dishes. However, the longer I leave them, the harder they are to clean. Not only does the pile seem to magically multiply, food gets stuck on, making it harder to clean. Washing dishes when you’re done with them alleviates both of those problems. If you’re in a hurry, at least rinse off the remaining food particles so you’re not battling stuck-on food later. Make sure to clean the sink when you’re done with the dishes!


  • Keep counters clear: First, get rid of clutter. File away papers and letters as you get them so they don’t pile up. Keep a disinfectant spray and rag or disinfectant wipes in your kitchen to clear any spills or messes as they happen.

The more preventative measure you take to keep your home or business clean, the easier time you’ll have when cleaning time rolls around. Just a few minutes here or there can save you hours in the long run.

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