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Seven Green Cleaning Tips for Homes & Businesses

Green cleaning is a popular concept. Whether it’s making your own cleaning supplies using natural ingredients or choosing reusable cleaning tools, there are ways out there for everyone to become a little greener. Here are seven simple green cleaning  tips for homes and businesses:

  1. Invest in reusable supplies. I mentioned this above; finding tools you can use repeatedly will save you money and the environment. Instead of getting a single-use duster or mop, consider a dusting wand or mop that can be laundered and used over and over. The same goes for brooms and brushes.
  2. Green Cleaning Tips Clean your cleaning supplies. Many of us don’t think about this much, but properly cleaning the tools we use to clean other areas of our homes and businesses will make them last longer. That means you’ll get to reuse them, sending fewer items to the landfill.
  3. Use the right tool for the job and learn to use it properly. Many cleaning supplies are designed to be used in certain areas and in certain ways. If you follow those recommendations, your tools will last longer, saving you time (you won’t need to re-clean an area), money and saving you from throwing them away.
  4. Know how to store your supplies. Just like cleaning your supplies, storing them properly will allow them to last Green Cleaning Tips longer.
  5. Use only the recommended amount. Read the labels on your cleaning solutions before you begin the process. That way, you do not use more than you need and expose yourself or others to more chemicals than necessary.
  6. Make your own cleaning solutions when possible. You can get a lot of cleaning accomplished with products like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. If you are not required by an industry to use specific cleaning products, consider making your own. They take only about 30 seconds to create. A quick internet search will lead you to hundreds to homemade cleaning solutions. Here are a few that I like. Also, for pet owners, try this homemade recipe for cleaning up their accidents. I use this recipe at home and it works wonders!
  7. Recycle! Don’t throw out those empty cleaning solution bottles; recycle them. Check with your city/county to find out how to properly recycle those empty bottles, cans and other cleaning products. NOTE: In many places, there are specific rules for recycling packaging that contains or used to contain chemicals. That’s why it’s important to check with your local government to ensure you’re following the laws.

NOTE: These tips are not applicable for all businesses, as some, including restaurants and hospitals, require specific cleaning solutions to meet health department and government standards.

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