Safety & Health Matters At Century

At the end of August (2015), Century held its annual Safety & Health Training Workshop. Each year, the company ensures that every employee is knowledgeable of its emergency action plan, how to report an accident, personal protective equipment employees may need in the work place, how to operate a fire extinguisher and more.

weather emergency prepardness

Weather wall emergency preparedness

The workshop opened with a fire drill where everyone met in the designated spot in the parking lot away from the building. After all employees were accounted for and information was shared about what to do in case of a fire,  all returned to the conference room to complete the workshop. The safety committee continued with what to do in case of an emergency which included a warehouse walk through that covered severe weather information, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, building exits and the eye wash station. Employees were also  advised of the central meeting place if we were told to leave the area. Next the safety team was introduced and the workshop agenda was covered.

first aid kit

Location of First Aid Kit

New accident reporting forms were introduced to all so that everyone would know where they would be kept and how to fill one out in the event of an accident or a ‘near miss’ accident. Near misses I learned were accidents that might have happened and help all of us to stay safe by correcting a potential accident before it happens.


The Root Cause: 5 Whys



The Root Cause: The 5 Whys was covered that showed how solving a deeper why can create permanent gains. In this case a problem is identified and possible solutions provided by asking ‘why’ after each until a highly effective solution is found.

At Century Products, all warehouse employees are required to wear steel-toe-shoes at all times for protection. Additionally, employees are required to wear safety glasses when changing the propane tank on the forklifts or when changing forklift batteries.

Next,  common causes of back injuries was reviewed. The safety team provided video clips showing both the improper and proper way to minimize back injuries. We learned that certain actions, motions and movements are more likely to cause and contribute to back injuries than others.

The team also provided a GHS (Global Harmonized System for Hazard Communication) refresher that explained why the United States developed this system to bring into agreement the chemical regulations and standards for everyone. At Century, any chemical product used whether its paint or Insecticide, proper paperwork on the chemical itself must be maintained. The goal is to ensure that sales, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals is easier, handled correctly and makes the workplace conditions safer for all.

The Sharp Award


The Sharp Award

This award recognizes small and mid sized companies who have developed and maintained effective safety and health programs. This year, Century Products LLC received its second Sharp award and as such is one of 146 companies in North Carolina to receive this prestigious distinction. (See Century Presented With 2015 Sharp Award)

The safety and health committee recapped the calendar events that were held for employees. Events such as the Century Olympics, Yogurt station, Eat This, Not That, Brown Bag Lunch/ Board Game Day, Fresh Fruit Give Away, Hot Tea Station and more were noted with a request from committee members for employees to provide additional ideas for health/wellness days.

A fire extinguisher video was presented showing the proper way to use one in the event one was needed and where they were located in Century. Additionally, during the warehouse walk-through, employees were given the opportunity to uncover ‘staged’ safety hazards to see if they could point out potential areas of concern.

Finally, but not least, a Jeopardy game was played to reinforce the day’s teachings. Employees broke out into three teams to pick categories, play the game, earn points and track their ranking. Prizes were awarded at the end. What an interesting and fun way to learn safety training and company facts. It was a good day!

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