restroom maintenance

Restroom Maintenance

restroom maintenanceIf you operate a restaurant or business that is open to the public, restroom maintenance should be a top priority. Restrooms are used frequently and a customer’s perspective of your restroom impacts how that person feels about your business overall. A dirty restroom indicates to customers that your business is dirty. According to the ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Association, restroom cleaning accomplishes two goals: cleaning for appearance and cleaning for health. Both tasks are vital to improving perceptions of your business.

The good news is that most cleaning professionals seem to know their job is important. A recent survey found that 85% of cleaning professionals know the importance of cleaning restrooms for both appearance and health. 95% also believe a clean restroom can help improve public health by reducing the spread of disease. However, these cleaning professionals believe cleaning for appearance is tougher than cleaning for health (disinfecting).

What do professionals think are the germiest areas in a restroom?

  • 65%: Door handles (research says handles actually post the least risk for germs)
  • 38%: Faucet handles
  • 36%: Toilet handles
  • 12%: Feminine Hygiene trash cans (research discovered these cans have the HIGHEST concentration of germs)

It appears that more training needs to be done on restroom maintenance in order to improve results. Cleaning professionals should know what they are cleaning and why the tasks make a difference in overall restroom cleanliness and health.

ISSA Today – Market Focus: Restroom Realities – February 2015

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