Swivel Scrub Brush


Case Size: 1 Brush


  • Swivel Scrub Brush is ideal for cleaning floors, rough-textured surfaces, grout, under ledges and equipment and in corners
  • Swivels onto its side to clean baseboards, walls, around kitchen equipment and areas where floor machines can’t reach
  • Durable, nylon bristles reach into grout lines to provide aggressive scrubbing action on rough surfaces
  • Swivel Scrub Brush can get into places that would be impossible with a normal floor brush
  • Ideal for everyday use in hotels/motels, food preparation, food processing, schools and health care facilities
  • Nylon is a synthetic fiber that resists acid, heat, oil and most cleaning solutions.
  • The stiff bristles have a long wear life, making nylon durable for regular scrubbing.
  • Standard threaded handle connection (handle sold separately)
  • BPA Free


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