Dry Mop Replacement Microfiber Pad


Case Size: 1 Pad


  • Dry Mop Replacement Microfiber Pad for cleaning and drying floors including uneven surfaces and grout lines
  • For use with Dry Mop Handle and Dry Mop Frame
  • Spun loop microfiber pads are more absorbent than woven pads
  • Good floor space coverage
  • Pads are durable up to 500 washes
  • Pads should be washed in laundry net for extended product life
  • Color-coded tabs are attached to back of pads for HACCP compliance. Simply cut off the ones you don’t need
  • Pads easily attach to Dry Mop Frame using a hook and loop (Velco) attachment
  • Wash in Laundry Net for extended product life
  • Also available as part of our full Dry Mop System kit


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