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Century Lobby Dust Pan w/Wheels


The Century Lobby Dust Pan with Wheels is manufactured using a proprietary scrap tire rubber and plastic compound mix made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled content.  The manufacturing process saves energy, minimizes greenhouse gasses and diverts tires and plastic from the landfill.

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flip mop system web newFlip Mop System

Century Products’ Flip Mop System is an easy, light-weight system to clean and dry your floors. Kit contains 1 flip mop handle, 1 flip mop frame, 4 dual-sided flip mop pads, 1 dispensing reservoir and 1 laundry net.

The 6oz dual-sided pad is made of gray, spun-loop microfiber on one side for wet mopping and blue chenille microfiber on the other to quickly absorb moisture and dry floors.

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High Visibility Safety VestHigh Visibility Safety Vest

100% polyester high visibility safety vest

Mesh vest designed to enhance the visibility of employees in all lighting conditions and environments, improving safety

2” silver tape reflective material: two vertical stripes and one horizontal stripe

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slip and fall liabilitiesWeighted Wet Floor Sign

36″ Weighted Wet Floor Sign

Highly visible, table height

4-sided yellow cone allows easy identification of hazardous floor conditions

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