Microfiber: Get Your Cleaning Done Effectively

microfiberclothWhen it comes to getting things cleaned, have you tried using microfiber cleaning cloths? Environmentally friendly and effective, a high quality microfiber cloth helps to eliminate germs, save you money and clean in less time.

Microfiber Cleans Better

Most of us have a love hate relationship when it comes to cleaning. Getting ready for your cleaning day often means buying expensive sprays, detergents (some of which are toxic) and other tools that help make the job easy and sometimes quick. Because a good microfiber cloth has millions of fibers that are much smaller, the cloths sticking ability when it comes to picking up dirt, dust and other things pack an impressive punch. And because you can use just water to clean, these cloths make green cleaning a snap.

What Can You Clean?

Microfiber MittTry microfiber in the kitchen for cleaning counter-tops and stove-tops. I especially like using these cloths when cleaning the interior of a refrigerator. Using a non-toxic solution like baking soda and water, microfiber cloths help my fridge smell fresher and the tiny fibers pick up more dirt and food residue than just ordinary cloths.

Because a good microfiber cloth can eliminate 99.9% of germs, they are a very effective tool to use all over the house. Try them in the bathroom. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the tub, sink, shower and other surfaces. And when you’re finish cleaning, use a dry cloth to polish your chrome faucets and shower-heads – those shiny surfaces will shine again with very little effort.

Windows dirty? Using a microfiber cloth with just water can get your windows clean in no time. Try using one cloth to clean and one to dry. Viola! A streak-free clean window that’s also dirt free.

flexible dusting wand bent web newGet rid of dust with your microfiber cloth easily. Like a magnet, microfiber cloths trap dust particles so that they don’t fly around. Need to reach the dust that live in high places? Get a flexible dusting wand with a microfiber sleeve that will extend your reach and conforms to irregular surfaces. Once done, go outside, shake out the dust or wash with warm water and let dry.

Flip Mop Dual-Sided Replacement PadOn floors, microfiber mops typically require less water. The Century Products Flip Mop System uses a 6oz., dual-sided pad gray spun loop microfiber for wet mopping even and uneven floor surfaces and grout lines. The blue chenille microfiber absorbs moisture in order to quickly dry surfaces and is durable up to 300 washes.

So in the end, a microfiber cloth can turn you into a clean green cleaning machine that will give you a greater impact in  your cleaning than just using a standard cotton towel and cleaning chemicals. It will be a safer clean alternative around your family because there will be no cleaning residue left behind. And over time, because there is a reduction in the cleaning chemicals you once used, this will translate into an improved quality of life for you, your family, our community and our world.

Resource: Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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