Keeping Play Equipment Clean and Safe

DSCN1534Summer’s here and that means a lot of outdoor play time. Children love going to play areas and playgrounds to climb, slide, peek through bubble windows and have fun on the equipment. The goal is to give kids a fun, safe place to play while their parents get to enjoy a meal and the smiles on their kids’ faces. However, play area equipment can pose a cleaning challenge. Testing has found staph, coliform and other bacteria that can cause anything from food poisoning to intestinal diseases and even respiratory illnesses. Studies have found that regular cleaning of play area equipment can prevent these illnesses. The good news is that with the right cleaning tools and procedures, it isn’t difficult.


The first step in keeping a play area clean is to spot clean it regularly throughout the day. microfiber mitt for webMake sure to pay attention to high-traffic areas such as handrails, entrances, exits, knobs/handles and any other high-contact areas. Use a clean, sanitizer-soaked towel or Microfiber Mitt each time you spot clean. Perform more thorough cleanings as needed.


At the end of each day, staff should do a full cleaning of the entire play area. That means someone will have to crawl through the tubes and slides to ensure the whole area gets clean.

1. Crawl through each section of the play area, pick up any trash and throw it out.Flexi Frame Head thumb

2. Clean inside and outside of tubes using the Flexi Frame Head and Damp Mop Cover Extension Pole Thumbalong with your approved cleaning solution. Use an
attachable Extension Pole to clean Flexi Frame Damp Mop Cover Thumbhard-to-reach areas, such as bubble windows and on top of the play area. The pole prevents employees from having to stand on ladders or step stools, preventing falls that could cause injuries.

3. Use clean Microfiber Mitts to wipe off fingerprints from plastic and metal surfaces.

4. Follow your regular cleaning procedures for tables, chairs and lobby areas.

5. Vacuum the rubber floor then clean it with a damp Hi-Lo Deck Scrub Brush to get off any stuck on dirt. Damp mop all floor areas with your approved cleaning solution and a Wave color coded mop bucketsBrake Mop Bucket with Dirty Water Insert to prevent cross-contamination.


Schedule a regular time once a week for a more thorough cleaning of the play area. This should include a full inspection to check for cracks, broken pieces, loose bolts or any other potential hazards. DO NOT let kids play on the play area if anything is broken or loose. Make sure they are fully repaired to avoid causing injuries.

1. Remove foam pads from junction boxes. Wash, rinse and sanitize pads and allow them to air dry.

2. Clean inside junction box using the Flexi Frame Head and Damp Mop Cover along with your approved cleaning solution. Once it is fully dry, replace foam pads.

3. Clean inside and outside of tubes as you would during your daily cleaning. Use your Microfiber Mitt to scrub off any smudges or fingerprints. Then, spray them with sanitizer and allow the tubes to air dry. Make sure to pay special attention to crevices that can collect dirt and debris.

4. Use the same process to clean inside and outside of bubble windows. flexi duster wand webAvoid using heavy degreasers or paper towels that can damage the Squeegee thumbwindows. A squeegee and Flexible Dusting Wand with Microfiber Sleeve will help you easily clean those windows without scratching or damaging them.

5. Place Wet Floor sign in a visible spot (or multiple places if you have several entrances) near your play area. Damp mop all floor areas with your approved cleaning solution and a Wave Brake Mop Bucket with Dirty Water Insertto prevent cross-contamination. Do not allow liquids and cleaning solutions to soak through the flooring materials.

6. Using your Hi-Lo Scrub Brush, scrub the floors, including rubber flooring. Allow floor to dry completely before removing wet floor signs.

Note that some of these weekly cleaning procedures might need to be performed more often for high-traffic play areas. You should also clean netting around the play area weekly using the approved cleaning solution and a clean, sanitizer-soaked towel. Allow netting to air dry.

Taking the time to properly clean your play area will keep kids healthy, happy and begging their parents to come back for more fun and food.

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