It’s Fall! Beware of Slippery Leaves

It's Fall! Beware of Slippery Leaves

Ah, the Fall season. It’s a really lovely time of the year where crispness is in the air. The football season kicks into high gear which mean loading up with some of your favorite comfort foods to enjoy the big game. And viewing the gorgeous beauty of the leaves changing is a sight to see as trees prepare for winter. Though the season can offer some delightful moments especially with the seasonal changes of leaves, when “falling,” leaves can present a hazard especially when wet.

In North Carolina, we’ve experienced a very wet couple of weeks lately. Leaves have been dropping in mass and covering every surface they touch hiding potential dangers that may lurk in entry ways, walkways and in parking lots. Although many people don’t necessarily see walking on leaves as being dangerous, wet leaves can make for a slippery mess that can be as hazardous as walking on ice. Property owners as well as many businesses may not be as deliberate when clearing leaves as they are ice so its important that in order to reduce the chance of slips and falls for your guests and customers proper cleaning practices should be followed.

Tools for consideration:

  • use of the right kind of exterior and interior floor mats that can help remove leaf debris from shoes,
  • since you really can’t use a blower effectively on wet leaves, using an outdoor broom can help remove wet leaves and debris,
  • place wet floor signage in areas that are most likely to have water drippings that constantly accumulate,
  • use a mopping system that can quickly help keep floors dry.

Enjoy the Fall Season – Safely

It’s a wonderful time of year with the holidays right around the corner. And although the changing of the leaves is a beautiful sight to behold, make sure you take care of potential hazardous situations that leaves can cause so that those that visit your home or place of business can do so injury free.

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