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How Many Wet Floor Signs Do You Really Need?

wet floor sign mopping3Nothing is more important than the safety of your employees and customers. And when it comes to restaurants (and most other businesses), slips and falls are a top source of liability. In fact, research has found that about four million employees and customers get hurt each year from slips and falls in restaurants. Many of these injuries can be avoided by simply placing wet floor warning signs in areas with spills, dirt or that are about to be cleaned. The problem is that most restaurants don’t have enough signs to ensure they can be seen from all directions.

The ideal number of wet floor signs in a restaurant is eight. That way, you can place enough down at each area so people can see them before approaching a slick spot, no matter which direction they’re coming in from.  For example, if you’re mopping in a lobby area, people coming in the front door, from the restroom and from other parts of the lobby need to be able to identify that the floor is wet. So you might need three or more signs there to safely surround the area. You want to place signs outside of the wet area to reduce the risk of people accidentally slipping. Using only one floor sign means that someone is likely to step on a wet area while the sign is on the other side. That defeats the purpose of wet floor signs and could potentially increase the risks of slips and plastic wet floor signfalls. Creating a perimeter with several signs reduces those concerns.

That covers 3-4 wet floor signs and I previously mentioned eight as an ideal number. Here’s why: say you’re busy mopping the lobby, and someone spills something in the kitchen. You now need to mop up that spill, which requires additional wet floor signs. If it’s a rainy or snowy day, you’ll want another wet floor sign right inside each entrance to warn patrons that your floors might be slick. Having eight signs ensures you’re able to warn customers and staff about dangerous floor conditions no matter what circumstances arise.

Finally, I’ll bring up that old saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” The more you can warn people about potential hazards, the safer your business will be. That will reduce the risks of costly lawsuits that can set your business back by thousands or even millions of dollars. The cost of stocking up on wet floor signs is negligible when compared to the costs you’ll face if someone gets hurt.

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