How An Anti-Harassment Workshop Increases Team Building at Century Products

Last week, Century Products held its annual Anti-Harassment (and trainingday-harassment1Anti-Bullying) Workshop. I must say as the new kid on the block, I was quite impressed on how the training was delivered, the team building displayed and the level of interactivity. Let me explain.

Anti Harassment (and Anti-Bullying) Workshop

How does Century Products LLC communicate the seriousness of providing a safe and harassment-free environment to all? Often, there are obstacles to intended policies, for example “Do as I say, not as you see me doing!” Century has been providing training on this subject matter every year. It has become very important for all levels of employees to attend and participate in the workshop. Team members are allowed to explore their viewpoints about what harassment actually is and is not. And most importantly come to recognize the differences through interactive exercises and case studies.

The workshop addressed the importance of speaking up; whether it has happened to the participant or the participant has observed a questionable action. The Century staff were given tools to help them address their concerns directly to the harasser and/or to management.

trainingday-harassment2Led and facilitated by Kay L. Nicolls, Human Resources Consultant (, the training opened with an overview of what would be covered. Then a fundamental question was asked, ‘Have you experienced or seen someone harassed in the past 6 months here at Century, if yes, did you do anything about it?” That question was held to the end of the workshop. When I was introduced to Kay a week earlier she welcomed me to the Century family and let me know then that the training would be interactive. Having gone through harassment training before, I just thought it would be a little Q&A. Boy, was I wrong! The training was delivered in the form of skits where different team members had to act out different scenarios that illustrated a particular example. Afterwards, discussions were held by the team members in the audience as to why a particular example was or was not harassment which helped to reinforce the take-a-ways learned from what was just acted out. The interactive training on a serious subject matter was not only fun, but it kept the attention of the audience which helped all of us to learn. I also noticed that the interactivity of it all also helped to build team connections with people you may not interact with on a daily basis. All in all at the end of all the skits and discussion, we were provided with our updated harassment policy that was read to us by HR and signed by all. Oh, that question we had to answer in the opening of the workshop? Though a couple of people answered yes in the beginning of the workshop that they had seen or experienced harassment, by the end of the workshop, the question was asked again and though I don’t know what the outcome was this time, I am sure that all of us had a better understanding of what harassment was and was not. As for me, I thought the workshop and training on a subject matter that can sometimes be difficult was simply GREAT! Way to go Century! I’m glad to be part of a forward thinking company that looks for creative ways to deliver training to its staff!

About Kay L. Nicolls

Kay L. Nicolls’ professional background spans over 30 years in Human Resources at both a corporate and operations level. She has held strategic management positions with The New York Times, Pearson Education and locally New Bread Leasing and Schenker Logistics. She has also spent time in academia as Director of Human Resources for Bennett College.

As a generalist Kay has extensive knowledge and experience with start-ups, recruiting, employee relations, benefits, developing policy manuals and legal compliance at both federal and state levels. Kay’s strategic and “hands-on” management experience has been in a broad range of settings from large corporate environments to small to mid-size organizations. Clients have expressed appreciation for Kay’s people focus at all levels of an organization.

Kay is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Education.

She has served as chair of the Housing Consultants Group Board of Directors and has also been a board member for the YWCA of Greensboro, Senior Resources of Guilford, The New York Times Credit Union and NY Times Women’s Caucus.

Her volunteer experience has been with the Women’s Resource Center where she was facilitator for workshops on Networking, Interviewing Skills and Dress for Success. She also does Independent Coaching projects. Kay is one of the co-authors of “Bridging the Gap”, a pamphlet put out by United Way of Greensboro. She has had memberships in Diversity Council of the Carolinas (DCC), National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) and Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Presently, Kay is utilizing her diverse experience in Human Resources as well as her strong coaching/mentoring abilities in providing a unified structure to the success of changing organizations resulting in an interconnected environment.

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