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Hello New School Year, Hello Germs

Hello New School Year, Hello GermsIt’s back to school season and when you say Hello New School Year, you’re also saying hello to spreading germs. Chances are you’re filling backpacks with school supplies and preparing your children to head back to the classroom. With the start of the school year comes a cleaning concern: hidden germs. The first step is identifying where germs lurk in schools and how the proper cleaning techniques can keep your family healthier this school year. While teaching your children to wash their hands frequently is necessary, schools and their janitorial services need to make sure they’re doing more than sweeping, mopping and scrubbing the bathrooms.

In fact, floors and restrooms aren’t even the germiest locations in a school. A 2005 study by the National Sanitation Foundation found water fountain spigots , plastic reusable cafeteria trays, sink water faucets, cafeteria plates, toilet seats and students’ hands are among the most germ-filled places in schools.

So what do schools need to do to ensure these germy spots get cleaned properly? It’s all about disinfecting. Water fountain spigots, water faucets and toilet seats need to be cleaned in a similar fashion. The key to cleanliness is disinfecting.

1)      Spray disinfectant on surfacespray bottle sanitize
2)      Let disinfectant sit for several minutes to give it time to work
3)      Use detail brushes to scrub smaller, hard-to-reach areas (for toilets, make sure to clean under the rim and scrub the bowl using a bowl brush)
4)      Wipe down your surface and rinse off disinfectant

Cafeteria trays and plates also need to be cleaned and disinfected. Use hot water and an approved food grade quality disinfectant solution to get rid of Hello New School Year, Hello Germsgerms. Make sure plates and trays are fully dry before they get stored in order to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

The study didn’t mention it, but playgrounds and jungle gyms are also germ hiding spots. Click here for details on how to clean and sanitize play areas and the proper tools you need to get the job done quickly and easily.


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