Hands-Free Paper Towel Dispensers

Hands-Free Paper Towel Dispensers

Hands-Free Paper Towel DispensersTouch-free restrooms are all the rage and touted as a great way to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria by reducing the number of things people need to touch when they use a restroom. No matter what style of restroom your business has, using hands-free paper towel dispensers is a great way to reduce the spread of germs without spending a lot of money.

Let’s start out by explaining exactly what we mean by hands-free paper towel dispensers. Simply put, they are dispensers that don’t require you to touch the dispenser itself to get a paper towel. You grab only the towel without needing to turn any knobs or push any buttons for the towel to come out. Some of these dispensers have an electronic mechanism that puts out a towel when you wave your hand while others allow you to just pull out your paper towel. Either way, in both descriptions, you are just touching a towel, not the dispenser itself.

Research has found that paper towels reduce the risk of spreading germs significantly over using electric hand dryers. Adding in the hands-free element for paper towels reduces that risk even more. It’s worth noting that nothing you can do will eliminate bacteria entirely; the goal is to minimize it in order to stay healthier.

Hands-free paper towel dispensersThe risk of reducing the spread of germs by using hands-free paper towels goes beyond just drying your hands. You can also use paper towels to avoid touching restroom germ hotspots which can be some of the most contaminated areas in restrooms. Hotspots include door knobs, stall handles, sink faucets and anything else that a lot of people would touch regularly. So, once you wash your hands, grab a paper towel and use it to turn off the sink and open the door. This will reduce the risk of contaminating your nice clean hands.

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