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636px-Recycle001_svgMore Americans are going green. That’s great news. A recent survey found that 78% of US consumers buy green products and services, up from 69% a year ago. The top reasons are the environment and health. When many people think about going green, their first thoughts are related to things like chemicals and recycling. Many people are also concerned about the cost of going green. However, green cleaning doesn’t have to break the bank.

A main way to go green is to buy reusable cleaning supplies. Find tools you can use over and over again instead of dusters, rags and mops that need to be replaced after each use.  Yes, these might cost a little more up front, but do the math. If you pay to replace items after each use, switching to a reusable tool will pay for itself after only a few uses. For example, invest in a dusting wand made from microfiber. You can throw the dusting cloth in the washing machine when you’re done cleaning and it’s ready to use next time you need to dust. dusting wandWith proper care, that microfiber sleeve can last for a long time.

Another method of improving your green cleaning is using your supplies properly. Proper use and care will reduce wear on your supplies, allowing them to last longer.

Use products made from recycled materials. Even if you need to use paper products or other single use cleaning supplies, you can choose items made from recycled materials. And they are not only paper. Many plastic-based items can also be made from durable, recycled materials so you’re reducing your impact on the environment.

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