green cleaning with melamine

Green Cleaning with Melamine

green cleaning with melamineWhen the phrase “green cleaning” comes up, it’s often in regards to the chemicals used to clean certain areas and surfaces. Going green also involves the tools you use. We previously wrote about re-usable items including dusters and flat mops that can be washed hundreds of times. There is also another tool you can use that requires no chemicals: melamine, like the Century Super Sponge. Green cleaning with melamine is one of the easiest ways to scrub your surfaces without chemicals.

Melamine removes the buildup of dust, grime and scuffs. It can also be used to clean baseboards, doors, fingerprints, graffiti, crayon, coffee and tea stains, bathroom fixtures, pen and ink marks, finished walls, leather, dry erase boards, countertops and more. You’ve probably seen melamine under the brand name sold by a big bald cartoon man as an erasing pad. Green cleaning with melamine is easy because it’s non-toxic, non-flammable and isn’t made from any chemicals. In order to use it, just add a little water, wring it out and you are good to go.

So how does melamine work? According to, “when melamine resin cures into foam, its microstructure becomes very hard — green cleaning with melaminealmost as hard as glass — causing it to perform on stains a lot like super-fine sandpaper.” That allows it to feel sponge-like while providing extra scrubbing power.

Melamine foam sponges are also green because they can be waste-free. Melamine foam wears away as you use it (like a pencil eraser), so after a time, it will disappear, leaving you with no trash.

How to use your melamine sponge:

  1. Add a little water to sponge
  2. Squeeze out excess water
  3. Rub eraser over area that you want to clean

You might want to test your Century Super Sponge in an inconspicuous area to ensure it won’t cause damages to surface coatings.


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