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Four Dorm Room Cleaning Supplies Your Student Shouldn’t Live Without

It’s back to school time, and that means many parents are getting ready to bring your kids to college. You might be tempted to send them to their dorms with all kinds of cleaning supplies. But let’s be honest, they probably won’t use them often. I didn’t do much in the way of cleaning in college, even when I moved from the dorms to an apartment.

While you don’t want to buy mops, brooms and brushes that will get tossed in a closet (or worse – in the trash) when you leave, there are a few tools you might want to consider for your college student’s dorm.

Disinfectant wipes

1)      Disinfectant wipes. This is a must. They’re great for cleaning up spills (even those on the floor), wiping down dirty desks and dressers and disinfecting after someone gets sick.

2)      A dust mop. This is a great tool to get rid of those dust bunnies taking up residence under your student’s bed. It’s easy to use and once students are done cleaning, all they have to do is throw the mop head in the wash (quarters for the washing machine not included).

3)      Broom and dust pan. They don’t need to be expensive, but you want to use quality materials that will survive the college life. A lobby broom is great for sweeping up small areas and its size makes it easy to store.

4)      Toilet bowl brush. This is only necessary for kids who live in apartments or rented homes. Trust me, at some point, it will get used…

Toilet bowl brush with holder

You can buy all of these products for under $25. And with the exception of the disinfectant wipes, all of the supplies will last your student for all four years of college and even into life after school. It’s an investment they’ll appreciate when there’s a mess they just can’t ignore.


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